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Who are we?

We are the Action Shooters of the Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club in Old Bridge, NJ. On the 4th Sunday of every month except December we run a sanctioned USPSA match. What is USPSA? USPSA is the United States Practical Shooting Association, the governing body in the US for IPSC matches. Our matches are run under USPSA rules. You can download a copy of the rules at www.uspsa.org .


What are our matches like? Daylight permitting we run 7 stages, 6 field courses and a Classifier. Our stages are generally Run-n-Gun type with movers, doors, ports, windows and steel. You can expect target presentations from wide open and close up to partial exposures at 25 yards or more. 

     A typical field course will have up to 32 rounds and include possibly steel reactive targets, moving targets and definately the chance of non-standard shooting positions. The classifier stage is taken form the USPSA Classifer book and submitted to USPSA to provide the information needed to obtain your classification in the division you shot. We have competitors in all 6 USPSA divisions. You can expect to see every level of competitor at our matches from first match to GM level. Many of our regulars compete on the National level but even more shoot the local club circuit.

     Never shot a USPSA Match? New to action shooting? You might want to read "Getting Started", you can find this on the OBCATS website. We promote the safe, practical use of firearms in a friendly but competitive setting.





















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