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Welcome to the OBCATS Web page. Here you will find links to recent match scores, links to other clubs in the vicinity and special announcements.

Do to the overwhelming popularity of our monthly matches we have instituted a new policy. Members of Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol club will have an early opportunity to register for the match. Each month on the second Sunday registration for MEMBERS of OBRPC will be opened. On the Monday before the match registration for everyone will open. We have expanded our registration to 90-110 shooters; season dependant. We shoot 7 stages each month; one of which is a classifier. Shooters that preregister must still show up at the range and complete their registration in person, sign the waiver and pay for their slot. We suggest that you be at the range to register no later than 08:00 AM so that we can confirm squadding. After 08:30 we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to shoot the match. Walk-through is 09:00.


Scores have been posted on Steelscoring.com – please email (masterwoobee@aol.com) if there are any division or scoring discrepancies.  Some last-minute changes to your division may not have been captured in the database.  Deadline for changes will be set for 29 JUN.  This deadline is so we can send scores in to USPSA in a timely fashion.

A general safety reminder to all competitors – USPSA rule states that multiple squibs will result in a DQ if the ammunition is continued to be used.  Please bring all squibs to the attention of the match director as you would a DQ.

Registration for USPSA Matches at Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club can be found a STEELSCORING.COM

Registration generally opens about two weeks before the match date. Once the match fills there is a Wait List. If you have registered and find you cannot attend, PLEASE notify the Match Director ASAP also remover yourself from the match. This allows others to move from the Wait List to the Match proper.
We Need Stage Builders

OBCATS is looking for a few Stage Builders

It is really simple. We need people to help us put the stages on the ground. Bring your gloves and a good attitude, show up about an hour earlier that you currently do, walk up to the guy that is struggling to build a stage by himself or with too few others and pitch in. What will you be asked to do? Staple targets, spike walls, move target frames, verify shot angles, look for shoot throughs, look for RO traps, 180 traps, and other “HOLES”.

What do you get in return? More great stages, less down time waiting for the builders to finish, fewer problems after the match starts, an earlier start and an earlier finish to the match.

You might also like to try your hand at designing stages. All you need is a wicked imagination, a blank piece of paper and a crayon.