April 23, 2017 3-Gun

Hopscotch - Review
NameMemeberIDSquadDivRawFinalMiss on Aerial Clay Target (MOT) 6.1.1(2.50)Single Hit on Target Paper (Any Distance) 6.1.2(2.50)Miss On Target (MOT<40YDS) LESS than 40YDS 6.1.3(5.00)Miss On Target (MOT 40-99yds) GREATER than 40YDS 6.1.4(7.50)Miss On Target (MOT>100) GREATER than 100YDS 6.1.5(10.00)No Shoot NS Target per Hit 6.2.3(5.00)+5 Second Procedural 6.2(5.00)+7.5 Second Procedural 6.3(7.50)+10 Second Procedural 6.4(10.00)+20 Second Procedural 6.5(20.00)Failure To Engage (FTE<100) LESS than 100YDS (FTE) 6.1.6(2.50)Failure To Engage (FTE>100) GREATER than 100YDS (FTE) 6.1.6(5.00)
Browne, KevinPENDING5TO48.8748.870.
Callahan, SamuelA905212TI31.9146.910.
Cluzel, JohnTY553912TO58.6763.670.
Davis, CarlA987461TO81.4186.410.
Ford, DennisFY367841TO51.2356.
Gnad, Matthew2TIDQDQ0.
Kaminski, ThomasA988471TO101.95101.950.
Langer, NorbertTY610925TO32.9832.980.
McInnis, AdamA814865TO54.3659.360.
Norman, JimL24601TO29.5629.560.
Pisano, JoeTY881005TO69.4269.420.
Post, GeorgeL40771TO44.6644.660.
Robina, JohnTY678735TO29.1929.
Ruoff, ScottTY460491TI72.7572.750.
Samsel, MaciekTY907071TO53.2053.
Selm, Bryan5TO78.2578.
Silva, FilipeA934792TO34.0834.
Singh, HarryL41152TO60.7065.700.
Turner, DougTY728632TI--