Joseph Falcone Fundraiser Match        
  Match Date: 6/28/2009        
Place Name     USPSA Class Division
All of the names listed here contirbuted to the match but were unable to attend, in our book they are all winners. Additionally there were family members of some of the competitors that came out and worked all day Sunday helping to run raffles and cook the lunch. Thank you all as well.
1 Joe McGinty     Contributor
2 Mike Yaccarino     Contributor
3 Al Yong Suh     Contributor
4 Dave Olhasso     Contributor
5 Ron Guman     Contributor
6 Bucky Pollard     Contributor
7 Ken Jankowitz     Contributor
8 Carl McGeever     Contributor
9 Lew Walker     Contributor
10 Gene Sutton     Contributor
11 Fredricksburg Practical Shooters     Contributor
12 Christina Testa     Contributor
13 Dependable Supply     Contributor
14 Patrica Maleski     Contributor
15 John Soltesz     Contributor
16 Janet Finnessy     Contributor
17 Handgunner Custom Shop     Contributor
18 Dan Lisk     Contributor
19 Dan Liscomb     Contributor
20 Ron Colangelo     Contributor
21 Ron Kametz     Contributor
22 Shane Bodnar     Contributor
23 Brett Simon     Contributor
24 Dan Olashefski     Contributor
25 John Sigler     Contributor