Combined divisions - these are NOT official results.OBCATS Indoor Match
Match Date: 9/15/2006
PlaceNameUSPSAClassDivisionPFLadyForAgeMatch PtsMatch %Point Series
1Wiemer, EricTY33719BLimitedMajorNoNo255.6434100.000%
2Bolivar, RamonA53712DOpenMajorNoNoSenior237.728692.992%
3Kogan, FelixA55306CLimitedMajorNoNo 233.546991.357%
4Fishman, VadimA53025DOpenMajorNoNo 228.457889.366%
5Van Pelt, JosephUProductionMinorNoNo 214.810584.027%
6Cinardo, MikeA53829CLimitedMinorNoNo 205.994380.579%
7Silva, SeptimusL955COpenMajorNoNoSenior205.801580.503%
8Zhylin, DimitryA55276CProductionMinorNoNo 200.695878.506%
9Bautistsa, ChristopherULimitedMajorNoNo 187.252073.247%
10Vikhnevich, AleksanderA53026CProductionMinorNoNo 166.834765.261%
11Diem, Jr., DonA57176ULimitedMajorNoNo 154.484960.430%
12Cooper, BradA55392DLimited 10MajorNoNo 146.722857.394%
13Shuravesky, SlavUProductionMinorNoNo 133.545852.239%
14Jackiewicz, MathewUProductionMinorNoNo 129.254250.560%
Number of Competitors:14
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Combined divisions - these are NOT official results. Odd things happen when comparing these Combined results to the By Division results. Sometimes the 'Order of Finsh' changes. Normaly this only occurs when two shooters have very similar scores in the By Division results. This is because a different High Hit factor was set for stages in the Combinded results. This is a normal occurance, but it takes more of a math whiz than me to explain.